Chairman's Message

Mother's Public School was planned to setup in the year 2018 by Smt.Malti Devi Memorial Trust(Regd.) a large selfless organization and registered trust, comprsing thousands of selfless individuals from all sections of society, which was now established in the year 2018 with an objective of alleviating physical, mental and sociological through progressive educational revolution to infuse consciousness, fraternity and love for humanity.

To develop the concept of "Mother" the best creation of Almighty Mother's Public School in Bareilly is trying to lead as an educational pole star.

Lord Gautam Budha has correctly said "A SPOON CAN LIE IN A BOWL FOR FOUR THOUSAND YEARS AND NOT KNOW THE TASTE".The Purpose of our school education is to give all children the confidence to learn.It is true that courage is the most underestimated product of true education .Never the less I hope and believe that the inhabitants of Bareilly and its surrounding would march hand in hand with Mother's Public School to bring an unique revolution in education.

Rajesh Yadav