Our Facilities

Transport Facility

MPS has its own transport system.However it is the sole responsibility of the parents to escort their wards to and fro from the fixed bus stop.In case of indiscipline the child can be debarred from availing this facility.The parents are advised to check with MPS administrative office for further information with regards to route,charges etc.Any Change in address should be intimated in writing to the school authorities

Medical Care

  • Medial record of every student,from time of admission is maintained including immunization cards for primary classes.
  • Regular health check-ups carried out by the school doctor and also by the specialist doctors.If needed parents are also consulted for improvement in health of the child.
  • MPS has a tie up with nearby hospitals and doctors for special treatment if and when required.
  • Every parent is expected to read,understand and ensure compliance of all school rules by themselves and their children in letter and spirit.
  • Every parent is expected to closely track and monitor performance of their child on all aspect and philosophy of education at MPS and actively discuss concerns with the respective class teacher either during PTM's or otherwise.

Excursion and tours

  • Regular tours are arranged for students to visit museum,art galleries,exhibition and monuments of historical,culture,scitiefic and economic interest.
  • To break the monotony of academic education and create team bonding,camping expedition,excursion to theme parks,picnic spots etc are organized outside Bareilly at least once a year.


  • An excellent well stocked library with sets of encyclopedias,biographies of eminent personalities,story books to promote moral values and reference books etc.with valuable information are available under open shelf system to all students of MPS.
  • The students are encouraged to use these library resources to increase their knowledge and develop an attitude of devotion toward work and other qualities of character.It is our endeavour to develop good reading habits in each student to help them discover themselves and adopt higher ideals of life besides helping them in choice of useful career.

Art & Craft

  • The school focuses on development of art and craft skills among students from I to X to develop a sense of aesthetic satisfaction and appreciation of art along with love for nature and their surrounding.
  • Various art and craft competitions are to organize at regular intervals.

Cultural Activities & Events

  • MPS believes that creativity in a human being is dormant and this potential in every child must be realized and nurtured.
  • Every child is encouraged to actively participate in various cultural events and functions that are organized through out the year.These events like Independence Day.Teachers Day, Founder's Day, Children's Day, Annual Sports Meet, Republic Day Ceremony ,etc. are related to themes based on festivals from all religions, patriotism etc and are organized by students themselves under the supervision of teachers.

Physical Development and sports Facilities

  • A special sports complex(Proposed)which would house a roller skating rink of international standard,lawn tennis,badminton,basket ball,volley ball and hand ball courts,modern 400m racing athletic track,hockey,football and cricket grounds.Besides gymnasium facility,special swings ,wooden blocks,table-tennis,carom-board,scrabble etc.are also available.
  • The aim of providing these facilities is to not only familiarize students with most of the games and spors but to also keep them physically.Fit,healthy,agile and alert.To ensure that every student enjoys and appreciates games and sports,they are expected to become an expert in at least one or two games of their choice.


  • A State of the art swimming pool and squash-courts are Also under construcion.Separate timings for boys and girls will be observed.
  • Coaching in swimming will be provided to all students by experts coaches.

Computer Laboratory

Today is the age of Information technology and to make our students aware and to make our students aware of it ,we have established a computer laboratory equipped with all the latest multimedia computers, having facilities to work on latest Software .


  • The technology has made its way into our classrooms as well. It's the time where students relate more to computers and laptops than to textbooks.
  • In our school all the classes are euipped with Smart Board and teaching is done with the help of audio and video which help the students to understand in a better way.

Physics Laboratory

Mother's Public School has a well-equipped laboratory in which efforts are made to provide individual learning and experimentation time to the students to develop a high order of practical skills

Biology Laboratory

  • A well-equipped and spacious bio-science laboratory has been established having all ultra modern facilities.
  • Wide range of plants and animal specimen, chemical balance and water bath are available for effective experiments.

Chesmistry Laboratory

We have well-planned fully equipped and spacious laboratory .Acid-prof workstations. All necessary facilities are available for ensuring safety in the lab.