School Rules

Discipline At MPS

School Rules

Students are required to read,understand and abide by the school rules.Parents and guardians are also bound by the school which are published by MPS and made available to students and parents every year.

  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to meet teachers of their children/wards during class hours. However.They can meet teachers after class hours.
  • Students when sick must not be sent to the school.
  • In all matters,the decision of the Principal of MPS is final and binding on the Parents/Guardians.
  • The Parents will indemnify school against cases arising through all illness,accidents and other causes.
  • Smoking,Drinking or Possession of any other toxic substance of any kind or consumption of school and non-vegetarian food in the complex is banned.Any student found guilty of serious breach of discipline will be summarily expelled from the school with out any liability on the part of the institution.In case,during the academic session the school Students are involved in any litigation either by themselves or by his/her guardian,in that eventuality,to safe guard the interest of other student and to maintain a healthy atmoshphere in the school,the school authorities reserve the right to expel the concerned student without any priror notice.The entire fee paid during the academic year shall be forfeited,irrespective of the date of such explusion.However the caution money amount in the account of such student after adjustment,if any,will be refunded.
  • Parents must send leave application if the child is absent.In case of absence for more than 1 week without leave application,the name of the student will be struck off from the rolls and parents would have to seek readmission after paying requisite charges.
  • All Students are expected to abide by the school dress code and come to preper school uniform which is clean and ironed properly with shoes polished and proper tie etc.Boys must not keep their hair beyond the collar or maintain any kind of fancy hair style. Hair colouring is prohibited.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from wearing any gold ornaments and from keeping any cash.

Co-Operation And Courtesy With School Staff:

Students have responsibility to:

  • Provide truthful information when asked by school authorities.
  • Be Courteous and polite with every staff member of the school.
  • Wish every staff member properly at the time of meeting or while crossing them in any way during movement in the school.
  • Respect for the person and property of others :Students should threat every person (including seniors and juniors)and their property with respect.
  • Respect for school property: It is Restricted to write on school/class room walls, blackboards, cupboards or furniture.Students who damage school property will be punished appropriately.
  • Littering in the school or class room,chewing of gums or sweets in class or assembly is prohibited.
  • Students must ensure that progress reports,attendance information,report cards or any other school correspondence is delivered home to their parents or guardians and when asked for by the teacher or school authorities,
  • Obey Safety instruction at all times.
  • Use of abusive or vulgar language is prohibited and would attract corrective actions.
  • Possession and use of mobile phones in the campus is strictly forbidden.
  • Any kind of harassment ,bullying or discrimination in the school complex or in a school-related function,event or activity on account of race,color,religion,national origin,ethnicity gender,age or disability is prohibited.